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Our business vision is focused, clear and in tune with our times

Our business vision is focused, clear and in tune with our times

The Paltamo mill will bring jobs and prosperity to the Kainuu region, and excellent returns to its shareholders.  The operation will be state-of-the-art throughout, while using only proven technology. A single line setup means a minimum of equipment duplication and lower initial investment. Wood costs will remain competitive due to a tight but productive sourcing area that minimises transport costs, vehicle emissions and traffic load.

The location with woodlands on all sides of the mill site puts us in an advantageous sourcing position while still having easy rail and road access to major ports.

The mill will offer itself as host enterprise to companies wishing to build businesses that take advantage of the site’s infrastructure, surplus energy, side streams and byproducts.

We shall always operate constructively, responsibly and in good cooperation with our local community, and we appreciate the enthusiastic support our project continues to receive from the municipality of Paltamo and the Kainuu region.