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Pulp is a diverse and valuable bioproduct

Pulp is a diverse and valuable bioproduct

The desirability of replacing or supplementing oil-based products with bio-based alternatives is clear on so many levels as to be self-evident.

Chemical pulp in itself enables many solutions where non-renewables (e.g. plastics) are replaced by recyclable and renewable materials (e.g. paperboard). The global need for for pulp-based products continues to grow in step with the world economy and increased consumer power in emerging economies.

The trend towards further and less traditional derivatives of chemical pulp is rapidly gaining momentum. Such products are already making significant inroads in areas like textiles, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and petrol-chemicals. Although the global numbers look still modest compared to traditional products, the potential is very significant.

The Paltamo mill will therefore act as host enterprise to companies wishing to take advantage of the available energy, byproducts, side streams and site infrastructure to develop and commercialise their own bioproducts.